The beautiful indented coasts of Greece offer natural paradises and wonderful beaches, thanks to a mild and favorable climate for most of the year, boat holidays are the right choice, you can have fun discovering the over 500 islands present, all with different characteristics . A sea of ​​clear and crystalline waters will accompany your holiday, and kissed by the sun you can admire beauties such as the promontory of Prassonissi, in Rhodes, where the Aegean and the Levant Sea meet – excellent for surf lovers.
Fun and culinary goodness are another reason to make your charter in Greece. Before going to one of the many beach parties, you can taste Hellenic gastronomic treasures and then off to have fun in the best clubs in Europe. The peninsula is also known for its top-notch nightlife. Wide choice in size and price, of charter and rented yachts, we remind you that not all available boats are published on the website, contact us and we will offer you the tailor-made holiday for you.

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