Terms and Conditions of Purchase

For transparency and clarity, we indicate below the methods of purchasing a boat:

  1. Communication to the Broker of your data, name and surname, residence, email address and telephone number
  2. Visit to the boat
  3. Letter of intent
  4. Written acceptance of the offer by the owner
  5. Payment as warranty of 10% of the price offered by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Broker or letter of credit depending on the agreements.
  6. Sea trial of the boat
  7. Hauling the boat to visit the hull, transmission and steering
  8. If no serious defects that affect navigation have been found, the offerer will be obliged to purchase the boat under the conditions described in the letter of intent.
  9. In the event that serious defects have been found that affect navigation or structural repairs not previously reported in writing by the owner, the bidder will be entitled to immediate refund of the amount paid at guarantee and refund of expenses incurred for any appraisals.
  10. If there are the conditions for which the sale of the boat can be concluded, the sales contract will be signed within the times and under the conditions indicated in the purchase offer.
  11. The notarial deed and the expenses related to the transfer of ownership of the boat will be charged to the buyer.